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geoSDI is a research group of the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis of the National Council of Research  (CNR IMAA), which designs, manufactures and distributes geospatial web-based software systems, using an open source approach.

geoSDI is also configured as a consultant for businesses, professionals and government agencies operating in the fields of environmental management and planning, health and safety, logistics, monitoring and fleet tracking, management of complex infrastructure systems.


What we Do

geoSpatial Solutions

geoSDI was born as a Research Group at the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis of the National Research Council, with a mandate to study and implement, using the most advanced technologies, prototypes for the management and sharing of geospatial information, with particular attention to  Interoperability matter and national (CNIPA - RNDT) and international (INSPIRE) regulatory frameworks.

By the time the research of the group led geoSDI into real products and services and the name geoSDI currently identifies not only the initial research project, but the set of solutions designed and implemented.

The research activity of the geoSDI team can be divided as follows:

Software Development

Application development is a major strength of the solutions offered by geoSDI.

Geo-Platform by geoSDI  is a framework created to build applications with the use of widgets, software modules to solve specific issues. This allows to build a completely customizable and totally user-specific webGIS.

The experience and the development of both server-side applications and services ensures high level and easy-to-use solutions.

The use of newest technologies for Graphic Interface allows to build efficient applications in a very short time

Spatial Data Infrastructure solutions

The realization of SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) may be a simple or complex operation depending on whether all its components are included or not.

A full knowledge of all the components necessary and solid experience in managing complex systems are crucial in achieving high performance and high reliability

Systems Integration

Companies and Organizations never starts from scretch. Information are managed with systems acquired over time and one of the biggest problems is to use information systems for data integration. goeSDI designs and develops the necessary components for Systems Integration and provides Dashboards for viewing and analysis of information in an integrated way.

GeoSpatial Consulting

The components of an SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) are increasingly used in various types of ICT solutions.

Various systems, such as management and solutions of the mobile world, are increasingly using the world of geo-referencing of data and remote management of space and time axes.

Know the various components and high levels of knowledge in these domains is often useful in working groups supporting enterprice solutions and are decisive in the development of complex systems.